A short film about smiling.
There are people who know I like to say "Smile" from time to time...
They don't know why, and I didn't know why... until now...

A short film about receiving.
Being able to receive means a lot, and takes a lot.
Being able to give takes just a few moments.

Being able to receive is a part of all of us.
Being able to give is part of all of us.

But most important, more than giving or receiving, is to be able to give back.
To give hope, and not to let anything take your hope away.
An optimistic view on life, some would say. Others would say it's quite realistic.
Maybe most would say it's just a fairy-tale.

I just believe that...
You have to give a lot, to a lot of people, before you are able to receive from only one person...
It's something you have to pay in advance...

But enough with the talking...
Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Award Winning VALIDATION.


Best Narrative Short,
Cleveland International Film Festival

Jury Award,
Gen Art Chicago Film Festival

Audience Award,
Hawaii International Film Festival

Best Short Comedy,
Breckenridge Festival of Film

Crystal Heart Award,
Best Short Film & Audience Award, Heartland Film Festival

Christopher & Dana Reeve Audience Award,
Williamstown Film Festival

Best Comedy,
Dam Short Film Festival

Best Short Film,
Sedona International Film Festival

Listening to: Amedeo Minghi - "I Ricordi Del Cuore"; [I Ricordi Del Cuore]
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