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Opusul dragostei nu este ura, ci indiferenta. - Elie Weisel

Well, this week's recommendation in terms of poetry is some guy I have never heard of, until tonight...
You should know I'm not a big fan of poetry, nonetheless of love poems, yet this guy uses simple words, simple ideas to promote very powerful feelings.

I guess I should read more poems, and not stick to the classics (probably this is the reason I'm not really into poetry).

Again, the link references texts written in Romanian:
Romeo Morari

La Multi Ani, Mamico!

Yesterday was my mother's birthday! Happy Birthday, MOM!!!

[the title is taken as a quotation from an obsolete (?) picture of me when I was in kindergarten (circa 1989), which, from some strange reason, I still keep on my desk... really now, don't I have any recent pictures?]