Outside the box

How many times have you heard someone tell you "You're not thinking outside the box"?

How many times have you wondered how would it be "outside the box"?

How many times has someone told you what's outside the box?

What IS outside the box?
Is there another box? How do you know you're outside the box? THE box?
How does one know one's outside the box? And which box is it?

Frankly, I don't know... But I'm sure there's not just one box... and this deviant has caught, in my opinion, one of the best representations of THE box.
I think there's not just one box. The next one may be colored in red, or blue, or mechanical pencil... One box after another, one life after another.
Reincarnation? Eternal life? Who knows...

Do the boxes ever end?

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Michelle spunea...

I love this drawing! Does the artist sell any of her work? I would be interested in purchasing some.

d.orin spunea...

Well, I haven't asked her that...
But make sure you let her know you'd be interested about that..

Jen spunea...

Thanks so much for putting my artwork up. I love what you've said about it.

Michelle, for your information, I have a website, feel free to check it out and if you are interested in purchasing anything send me a quick email as to what you are interested in! Thanks for your comments.

d.orin spunea...

And you can also go to that webpage if you just... think a bit outside the box...

[hint: box = the picture. clicking on the picture (inside the box) doesn't take you there...]

Again, my pleasure...

Dei-Dei spunea...

Mi-a placut ideea asta: gandeste in afara tiparelor, dar cu toate astea nimeni nu a stabilit cu sfintenie care sunt tiparele... pentru ca toti suntem un pic nebuni, nu-i asa? :)

stii ca te urmaresc, nu? :D

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