You can always start with one Violin.

Just imagine.
The magic starts on an ice-skating ring. Turn the fantasy into passion.
Let your soul free by the bonfire of the caravan. Or dance barefoot on the green fields.
And when you think you've found the purest form of love, just let it slip into something more comfortable... the passion of the suburbs...

Time for a cold shower...
And that was one Violin. The One and Only Edvin Marton and his Stradivarius.

After listening to all the classical music, or re-interpretations of classical music, you may want something different.

And you have some choices. First, maybe you'd like to keep the Violin.
Keep the violin but rebel and add not just an orchestra, but rock. Symphonic Rock.
It's not new. But it sure looks and hears good!
First, you take the magic of mathematics and the reasoning of the old. Give it proper attitude...

... and then bring out the teen spirit in you! Show yourself, smooth criminal!
Or is it a pirate you are?
David Garrett, the fastest Violinist in the world.

Ok, maybe violins are too much for you.
Then have a duel. There should be only one smooth criminal, but what happens when two aspire for the position?
For Croatians Luka Sulic and Stjepan Hauser, the world is not a stage, the world is a jungle. Welcome to the Jungle.
A cello is deeper than a Violin, but 2 Cellos?

Or you would prefer a tad of Jazz with your violin?
Would that open the Doors? Ahh, Riding the Storm...
How about some Beatles?
What if you mix it up with just a spruce of the Balkans? Or a bit more?

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