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Ok, so... how should I start this...
Ever had the feeling you want to watch a movie, can't really decide on your pick, yet in the end you're kinda glad you got this one?
When I decided to see this one, I wasn't expecting much, mainly because it seemed just another teen/teenage/relationship movie, just that I didn't know any of the actors.
Can't really say this is an astonishing piece of art or the future winner of the Oscars (5.5 imdb), so why bother?

Well, I decided to recommend this movie because of the idea it deals with.
It's not something extremely new, I believe it's been hanging around during the last decade, as an emancipation of relationships, an emancipation of teenagers against unwritten old-fashioned rules of society.
Ok, maybe there's too many big words for a simple movie like this, so let's break it down:

The idea of the movie is about open relationships.
Yes, the kind of relationships where a couple, err... the individuals of a couple are "allowed" to see other people.
See other people, touch other people, kiss other people, fuck other people.
In few words, the action goes something like this: there's this couple (boy A and girl A), having an open relationship.
Girl A suddenly meets her ex-highschool-dorkish-boyfriend (boy C), who's got into real estates and is handsome enough to get her to bed.
Boy A is trying to hook up with girl D, whom he's known since like forever and who just turned "barely legal".
As an antithesis to couple A's open relationship, we've got couple B, who just got married, where: girls A and B are sisters, and girl D is boy B's sister.
Pretty soap-opera like, ain't it?

Halfway through the movie, couple A keeps claiming neither of them is bothered by the other one seeing (and fucking!) someone else.
Well, it all gets interesting when girl A finds out she's pregnant, and it's boy C's child, since girl A and boy A hadn't had sex in quite some time:
she was busy boning her ex, he was busy deflorating boy B's barely legal, virgin little sister.

Of course girl A tells everyone except boy A that she's pregnant (starting with boy C), and boy B kicks boy A's butt when he catches him with his younger sister (girl D, remember? are you following? 's not that complicated, is it?)
Well, to cut it short, couple A break up, he realises it wasn't her that needed him, but him that needed her, girl A ends up with boy C, while boy A ends up all alone.

Yeah, I know it's not a big deal of a movie, because that's pretty much it, but now here's the reason why I decided to post this...

And that's relationships. And the openness of relationships.
My point of view, and I'm kinda stuck with it, or better said, my way of relationshipping is rather the old-fashioned one.
I'm all for "openness" in a relationship, as long as things don't get out of control. Not my control, but the control of both people.
I used to "admire" (let's say) people who were having more girlfriends at a time, people who showed up all the time with a different girl,
people who were able to "party all week". Probably I was envious because I was never able to make out with more than one person at a time...
But nevermind that, that was a long time ago. The envy, I mean... I still can't be with more than one person at a time... :D

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not against open relationships, I know we're living "modern times", and having an "open" relationship is in vogue.
But what does it actually mean to have an open relationship?
How far would you go in the freedom an open relationship gives you?
How much would you take from the other person?
How much freedom would you give?

How would you feel not having seen your significant other 3 weekends in a row?
What do you do when you feel "home" is just a place you go to sleep?
This is actually for the cases when the couple share a roof - this was the case in the movie - and I think it's the most complicated one - when people are living together, because of this scene in the movie:
girl A was trying to sleep upstairs (but she couldn't, because she had just found out she was pregnant), boy A gets home drunk, girl D calls him and comes over.
Girl A keeps not-sleeping while boy A and girl D make out downstairs.
Girl A finally has it and rushes to boy C. The girls meet downstairs... and girl A says everything is ok...
Now that's fuckin awkward....

So, to conclude with, if you want to leave a comment, think about these:

  • What does open relationship mean to you?

  • How far would you go in your freedom?

  • How far would you let the other one go in his/her freedom?

  • Are you an open person or an old-fashioned one? - first point of view: movie (openness = having sex with other people); second point of view: yours if it's different than the one in the movie.

And yes, it's a good movie to watch once, when you need some time off your work and want to relax...
To be enjoyed with pizza and beer!

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Xelomon spunea...

Hmmmmmm. Interesting movie you have seen..
In my idea, couple means 2 persons united by love; with love come kisses, hugs, making love :D
Now, in an open relationship, the 2 persons can do those things, but without love... this means they're kissing, hugging, fucking?
What do they do it for? To see their how how far their freedom goes or because they got bored with eachother (Sexually and not only)?
Well, i might work for some, but not for me.
In a long term relationship (dunno, marriage and some kids?), I'd rather be attracted by the swinging, which is done by couples with other couples to spice their sex lifes.

D.ORIN spunea...

So, let me get this straight:

- For you, open relationship is different than being a couple, and it basically means physical contact, but not love.
- You are not mentioning how far would you go or would you let the other one go. Still you are saying it might work for others, but not for you. Therefore I take it you wouldn't do something like this, and you wouldn't agree on your partner doing it either. Which kinda means you're inclined to the old-fashioned ways. Am I right?
- Now, you are mentioning you would try swinging, which makes you open... after marrying and having kids???

Somehow you are a bit contradicting yourself (well, at least that's the way I see it, these opinions are yours and I respect that), because at first you are saying you wouldn't have an open relationship, and then that you wouldn't mind experimenting swinging. And you reason that swinging is done to spice up the sex life of couples.

Well, open-relationship-couples don't to it to spice up their own sex lives? Because they got bored or whatever?
And what's better with swinging?
I actually believe that's even worse. Because the couple has already bonded together for a long term.
The couple in the movie finally realised they were falling in love with someone else because of their openness. What would prevent married couples fall apart because of swinging?

Daianara spunea...

I'll pry in this 2 people conversation simply because I found the idea quite interesting. As far as I see it, an open relationship has a far simpler name. It's called fuck buddies. Meaning you're friends (trust is a must in these things) and...well, you fuck. I guess there's caring involved but most of all it's satisfying a need. I also don't believe these things last. It might be every man's fantasy but from a woman's point of view, it's simply not enough. Beyond the sex part you need security, you need to know that this person will be there for you no matter what. And I just don't/can't see this happening in the type of "relationship" described in the movie/your post.
And yes, they both/all say they're ok with it. But I think it's because they're scared that, if they do admit something's wrong, everything ends there and then. And most people are afraid of being alone and will take anything they can get over loneliness. And that's just stupid.
PS: Sorry I didn't stick to the line of questions you've asked. :)

D.ORIN spunea...

Well, thank you very much for your comment, its quite ok not following the line of questions, it was not the idea of the post.

The idea was, and you stated it great, to state your mind over this type of relationships.

Indeed, it's also my opinion that this kind of "open" relationships, which you so nicely described as "fuckbuddies" (didn't want to state it myself, I wanted the commentators to come with this concept), doesn't have the brightest future.

What I would add to your comment is that not only women are insecure in a relationship, even if the arch-stereotype is this way: a woman needs protection and security (emotional and otherwise), which a man usually provides.
I think in the movie it was a bit opposite, because in most cases she was the one providing the security.

And yes, I completely agree (although I don't have the certainty), that these things are being kept alive because of the fears of either of the partners, by the need of being with someone "for sure". And that sucks.

Well, thanks again for your comment!

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