Of Men and Women

"Women would be amazed if they knew what men desire about them. Yes, of course, they want to see women naked and supine and melting, but male desire is far more readily stimulated by what the oblique glance discovers: the parted lips, the micron of eyelash which the mascara brush missed, the changing angle and shadow of cleavage, the bra-strap alternately displayed and covered up, the ripe-camembert plumpness at the edge of hips. There is, inside every adult man, a relentless Peeping Tom, a perennial 14-year-old boy, still amazed by the phenomenon of women on display, flagging their sexuality, their availability, with every square inch of visible flesh, clothing, make-up and curve.

We desire the personality that we discern in the walk, the clothes, the laugh … We look, and sigh, and wish to do certain things to her, first urgently, then luxuriantly, and keep doing it indefinitely; but we also hunger to have her do certain things to us, unimaginable though it may seem – we want her to want us. We don’t just want her surrender, like a slave captured in battle; we want her approbation, her adoration; we want to enchant her to desire us back. For, no matter how humble we feel before the dizzying fact of female beauty, men are just as narcissistic as women."

John Walsh (via acum aici cu mine) (via nightmare brunette) (via mandalay) (via gauntlet)

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Xelomon spunea...

Reading these lines, I kinda feel sorry for not being a boy exposed to the observation of girl's body, with the mixed curiosity and wonder when discovering interesting shapes or differences...
But I remember I have been a Peeping Tom in the sports changing room, sneaking my eyes in their their curves for endless comparison with my body, which I have never shown to them.
Alas, there are so many mysteries between the sexes, and it's a pity that men are not seen as fascinating as women.
The way they walk, the way they stretch their arms or look at the girls, the way the back of their head appears, so vulnerable and hidden behind the male face... gave them a dose for their narcissism today :)

Daianara spunea...

The article starts with an apparently simple question. What is desire? I think it's wanting something you don't have at the moment.
As it goes on and on, pointing the differences between men and women I realized one other thing. We tend to over analyze things, and ask too many questions to get to a point we're not really sure we wanna get. When we should just be enjoying the moment. :)

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