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So, I’ve been thinking about this kind of post for quite some time now, and I guess it’s a good idea to write it now, since the logs are getting full.
The stats that I’m about to show refer to web traffic on the blog and I will only point out some of the general stats and some of the interesting facts about this low-traffic-count blog of mine :D

Ok, first things first, the Statistics Tool I use can be installed (the code, I mean) from here, and you can see the tool on the main page if you scroll a loooong way down (on the right, where it says “statcounter” – just above the country flags).

The code was installed January 2009, that means approximately 2 months ago, and since then:

- I’ve had 304 total pageloads

- 274 unique visitors (based on IP addresses, which means if you’ve got a DHCP assigned address that has changed since then, you have been counted more than once), of which 166 were first time visitors and 108 were returning visitors.

- since the posts can be seen on the main page, the most popular page is (235 entries) or (34 entries); second place goes to this page (12 views), while this page is the third most viewed (10 views)

- first entry pages (first page to be viewed – url followed by visitors) are:
1. main blog page, of course (108 + 23 counts)
2. this post (9 counts)
3. March09 archive (7 counts)

- So, how do people find out about my blog?
1. most of them (119) don’t have a referring link, which means they came straight to the blog
2. 60 found me via The Creatrix
3. 23 found me via a Facebook personal page (thank you Canada!)
4. the rest found me either through search engines, e-mail notifications or other blogs

- Search engine wars: can hardly be called wars, all people who found me via a search engine have been using Google:

- 54% of the visitors were using Firefox 3.0 (+ 5% for Firefox 2.0), while only 11% were using IE 7.0 (+ 24% for IE 6.0). Heeey, someone’s accessed the blog using a Blackberry!!!

- as for screen resolution most visitors are using either 1024x768 or 1280x1024, which is both good and bad, since it was designed on 1152x864…

- Win XP rulez. At least 80% of the visitors are using it :). Yet, I’ve got visits from Mac, Linux, even iPhone and Symbian. Niiiceee….

- Interesting visitor activity:
11.3.09: ip reads the blog (13 recorded visits throughout the day), and probably lets IP know about it, because the second IP returns 8 times on the same day and reads all the archives :)

So, a big thank you goes out to TheCreatrix, for getting me so much traffic!
Another big thank you goes to Quick Silver for adding me to her blogroll and commenting from time to time :)
A big thank you also goes to Dei-Dei for watching me (yet you never comment... ntz ntz ntz... you should be ashamed :P and should restart posting stuff on your blog...)
Of course, quite a great thank you goes out to all of you who keep coming back to the blog but never comment, or comment without providing a link (which I could put here, for others to see...), and...
Last but not least, a big thank you for those who just stumble across this webpage!

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Anonim spunea...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Quick Silver spunea...

pai si ce treaba are ca te-am pus pe blogroll?
te-am pus acolo fiindca chiar te citesc, si comentez fiindca simt nevoia sa comentez, nu sa ma bag in seama pe mine sau pe tine.
nu o sa inteleg in veci treaba asta cu traficul. am crezut ca uamenii isi fac bloguri pentru ei, ca sa puna pe "hartie" niste idei, sa nu le piarda. sau cel putin d-asta am facut eu blog. ideea de publicitate, ranking, statistici ma lasa rece.

oricum, cu placere! :)

d.orin spunea...

O pai are ma, cum sa nu aiba legatura?

Nah, statisticile astea le-am facut asa, de omoru' artei, ca eram si eu curios sa vad: ma citeste cineva?

Nu ma intereseaza publicitatea, ma intereseaza sa vad ca exista persoane care citesc, care simt nevoia sa comenteze...

Nu ma intereseaza partea de trafic in sensul "vreau sa am trafic", ci ma intereseaza mai degraba in sensul "daca am trafic, cine il face", sau... "cei care fac trafic, de unde stiu de blog?". Mai ales pentru ca acest blog nu se vrea unul public, cu reflectoare atintite asupra lui.

Si cum esti una din cele 4 cititoare "fidele", cum sa nu te mentionez?

Oricum, stai linistita, nu o sa vezi la mine pe blog gadget-uri sau cum naibii se cheama de genul "sunt pe locu' xx din Ye Ol' List", ca sa nu zic ZeList...
Si nici la RoBlogFest nu ma arde grija sa ajung...

d.orin spunea...

Thanks, marisol...

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