Game of Thrones Theme (x11)

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Catchy TV intro theme songs were a dying art long before Lost proved an intro could be done in about 10 seconds. But not HBO's Game of Thrones. It takes over a minute and a half for that gorgeous theme song to play out.

Fans who happen to be musicians have been playing their own versions of GoT and posting their efforts to YouTube; we have 11 of them for you, plus the original. Their musical styles are as different as House Stark is from House Frey, but if you like the theme song, you'll find at least one clip to love.

And my favourites are:

0. (LE: Assassin pointed out a combination of the top two.)
Violins and heavy metal. I'm in HEAVEN.

If you want to see the rest of the videos, click:

1. Heavy metal (great job!!!)

2. Violin(s) (like OMG OMG OMG)

3. Trance (fuckin' yeah!)

3 pareri:

Assassin spunea...

Vezi ca e o versiune care le combina pe primele doua :D

d.orin spunea...

So I'm like...

CAN it get ANY BETTER than this?!?!?

Ce sa spun... ORGASMIIIIIIIIC!!!!

Anda Pavel spunea...

wow...ceva intr-adevar eosebit. opera de maestru! :)

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