Season of Wishes

I wish.
During December, I always wish.
Peace in the world and love for all. Riiiite... And pigs fly...
No, I'm not that idealistic. I just wish.

I wish
I wish you were next to me right this very moment.
I wish I could hold you in my arms so tight our bodies would become one.
I wish you would put your lips around my neck and have your teeth leave deeper marks, marks that wouldn't be erased with anything...
I wish I could smell your body fragrance, again and again. But I just wish.

I wish.
I wish I were a better liar.
I wish you were a bit more explicit in your comments and posts.
I wish I were on the verge of destruction, but I'm just unbreakable.
I wish you would visit my home and make yourself at home. Yes, I do wish...

I wish...
I wish you would visit me.
I wish you would come stay with me for a while...
I wish you would spend the night with me. Next to me. Over me. Under me.
And maybe, we would wish we could be able to watch the whole movie...

And I wish.
December is the month of wishes... My December, at least...
But most of all, December is the month when all my wishes come true.
Mainly because of the Magick of Santa Claus. And if Santa doesn't exist... that means WE do that magic...
I just wish... they would come true...

Just how magic are you?

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